for myself 3

 Sometimes I need to think who I am, to observe objectivly what I think.
 Sometimes I need to feel solitude. Don’t be afraid of the void and meaningless of myself.

to be free from the past

 Last night I met some friends and ate italian food with them.
 A friend of mine said, “it seems for me to have left something in school.” He seemed to see only himself and to be enslaved by the past. I honestly can’t share his sentiment because the past appears for me to be the past, no more and no less.

for myself 2

 I get tired easily of studying foreign languages, but I rather like to study it. Because to study foreign language is to open another world and to access another thinking. When I use a foreign language, I express myself more objectively. Certainly I better know exactly what I myself write this sentense, but at a time I feel alinated myself. It’s a irritating sensation but a slight strangeness.
 Don’t think it as a duty, enjoy studying it at ease.


Heute bekomme ich zwei Buecher von Janosch aus dem Amazon Buculaden. Eines ist “Komm, wir findern einen Schatz”, anderes “Oh, wie schoen ist Panama”.
Kinderbuch?, ja, natuerlich, aber auch Erwachsene kann geniessen.

for myself

What can I say for myself?
Sometimes I will be selflessness, sometimes I will act what I really want to get, after all balancing is important. But don’t feel down when I can’t carry out what I planed at the day.


Leni Riefenstahl ist gestorben. Wie soll man ueber ihre ungewoehnliche Begabung von Kunst und politische Stumpfheit urteilen? Ist sie ein Symbol von Spannung zwischen Schoenheit und Politik?
[via: Die Zeit]